Clinic Eligibility

Am I Eligible to be a Patient at River Valley Christian Clinic?

People who are interested in becoming a patient at RVCC:  

  • Must fall within 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • Must not be able to afford medical insurance.
  • Must verify income for everyone in the home who is related to the patient.
      • Salaries (pay stubs for 3 months-Most current)
      • Social Security (copy of benefit letter for current year)
      • SSD (copy of benefit letter for current year)
      • SSI (copy of benefit letter for current year)
      • Unemployment (proof showing beginning and ending dates)
      • Workman’s Compensation (letter showing beginning and ending dates)
      • Child Support (copy of support payments)
      • Alimony (copy of letter showing amount)
      • Pension/retirement (statement showing monthly amount received)
      • Student grants/loans (print out of your student website showing amount of grants/loans/tuition, etc.)
      • Food Stamps (letter showing current benefit amount)
      • Rental Assistance (letter from housing authority showing how much THEY subsidize)
      • TEA Assistance (letter showing amount of benefit)

·        Must provide photo ID or driver’s license

·        Must provide social security card if you have one

  • If you have no earned income:
      • Must provide a letter from someone who can verify that you are not employed and have no income.  It can be from a pastor, an attorney, caseworker, doctor, or a friend who has a computer and can generate letterhead for you with their name and address at the top.  This needs to be a non-relative.

We accept patients with Medicaid QMB and Medicare for Dental and Optical services ONLY if they are not already covered.  We will accept patients who cannot afford Medicare Part A and B for medical visits only (no medication will be dispensed).